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Empowering Women in Tech: Navigating the SEO Landscape for Success

In the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, mastering the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is paramount for professionals across all industries. However, for women in tech, understanding and leveraging SEO can be a game-changer in carving out a niche, amplifying visibility, and advancing careers. In this article, we'll explore how women in tech can harness the power of SEO to propel their online presence and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Women in Tech SEO: Unveiling the Path to Success

In the competitive realm of technology, visibility is key to success. With the digital landscape constantly evolving, mastering SEO is essential for women in tech to ensure their voices are heard, their expertise recognized, and their contributions celebrated. By strategically incorporating the keywords "women in tech SEO" into their digital content, female tech professionals can enhance their online visibility, attract relevant audiences, and position themselves as thought leaders in their field.

Understanding the Importance of Keywords

Keywords serve as the foundation of SEO strategy, acting as signposts that guide users to relevant content. For women in tech, strategically integrating the keywords "women in tech SEO" into website copy, blog posts, and metadata can significantly improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic. By conducting thorough keyword research and identifying phrases that resonate with their target audience, female tech professionals can amplify their online presence and establish authority in their niche.

Crafting Compelling Content with Women in Tech SEO in Mind

Content is king in the digital realm, and for women in tech, creating high-quality, engaging content is essential for building credibility and fostering connections with their audience. By weaving the keywords "women in tech SEO" naturally into blog posts, articles, and social media updates, female tech professionals can optimize their content for search engines while providing valuable insights and perspectives to their readers. From thought-provoking industry analyses to practical how-to guides, leveraging women in tech SEO can help women in tech stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Building Backlinks and Amplifying Influence

Backlinks are a crucial component of SEO, signaling to search engines that a website is reputable and authoritative. For women in tech looking to enhance their SEO performance, building a strong network of backlinks from reputable sources can significantly boost their online visibility and credibility. By collaborating with industry influencers, participating in guest blogging opportunities, and engaging in online communities, female tech professionals can amplify their influence and attract valuable backlinks, further solidifying their position as leaders in the field of technology.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Women in Tech SEO

Diversity and inclusion are not only ethical imperatives but also critical components of effective SEO strategy. Search engines prioritize content that reflects the diverse perspectives and experiences of users, making it essential for women in tech to embrace diversity and inclusion in their digital content. By incorporating diverse voices and perspectives into their content and actively engaging in conversations around gender equality and representation in the tech industry, female tech professionals can resonate with a broader audience and enhance their SEO performance.

Leveraging Social Media to Amplify Impact

Social media platforms offer women in tech powerful tools for amplifying their voices, expanding their networks, and driving traffic to their digital platforms. By incorporating the keywords "women in tech SEO" into their social media profiles, posts, and hashtags, female tech professionals can enhance their discoverability and connect with like-minded individuals and organizations. From participating in Twitter chats to sharing industry insights on LinkedIn, leveraging social media can help women in tech build their personal brand and elevate their SEO performance.

Conclusion: Empowering Women in Tech through SEO

In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, mastering SEO is essential for women in tech to thrive and succeed. By strategically incorporating the keywords "women in tech SEO" into their digital content, creating compelling and engaging content, building strong backlinks, embracing diversity and inclusion, and leveraging social media to amplify their impact, female tech professionals can enhance their online visibility, establish authority in their niche, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

As we continue to champion diversity, equality, and representation in the tech industry, let us empower women in tech to navigate the SEO landscape with confidence, seize the opportunities that await them, and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

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Using Amazon to Increase Your Total Sales through Marketing Strategy

 Have you ever wondered whether or not setting up a logo presence on Amazon may want to boost your total e-trade income?

I’m right here to tell you that leveraging Amazon can improve your income, each on your internet site and ordinary. You don’t ought to take my phrase for it, though, for the reason that group at NP Digital has accomplished their studies and exposed some promising results.

In this publish, I’ll proportion NP Digital’s records approximately logo presence on Amazon and its normal advantage in your e-trade advertising and marketing approach. I’ll then percentage with you pointers for implementing an Amazon marketing approach to help you improve emblem visibility, boom credibility, and develop sales.  

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

With more than 2.4 billion visits consistent with month, Amazon is a super location to gain emblem visibility and pressure sales on your e-commerce store. 

An NP Digital examine suggests that general sales increase happened within 1 to three months of a emblem supplying its merchandise on Amazon. This sales growth changed into sustained throughout the 12-month examine with a median of 28% boom by using months 10 thru 12. 

A robust Amazon advertising strategy can consist of omnichannel advertising and marketing, search engine optimization (search engine optimization), and marketing on Amazon. 

What Our Data Shows Us About Amazon Presence and E-Commerce Marketing

Are you intrigued via Amazon however uncertain of the way it's going to effect your business?

Let the crew at NP Digital, my virtual advertising agency, placed your mind secure.

We looked at 18 e-trade manufacturers that these days had their items added to Amazon. These manufacturers were absolutely new to Amazon and their seasonality become at a minimum. In different words, seasonal income tendencies have to no longer impact on our outcomes.

Before Amazon, all 18 e-commerce brands made one hundred% of their sales on their websites. Within 1 to a few months of being on Amazon, we see overall revenue boom barely, however internet site income lower:

Considering Amazon’s seller fees, income decreased, so the overall advantage isn’t yet obvious. Now allow’s have a look at months 4 through 6: 

While internet site income have now not yet again to pre-Amazon income, they have rebounded. We also see a persevered growth in normal sales. Again, Amazon vendor costs might also make this common income boom a wash (or near it), but allow’s see in which months 7 via 9 take us:

Not best have general income continued to develop at a constant pace, however website sales have handed pre-Amazon sales. This is where we start to see the payoff.

Finally, allow’s take a look at months 10 thru 12:

Total income have reduced ever-so-slightly, but internet site income are still performing higher than whilst we first started out the experiment.

Is Amazon Marketing Good for Your Other E-Commerce Sites?

While you may be concerned about dropping website sales by means of listing your products on Amazon, the inverse appears to be the case. All in all, an Amazon presence was a internet advantage for e-trade websites. 

I actually have some theories as to why this is the case.

The first one is simple, and that’s logo visibility. Amazon has extra than 2.Four billion visits in step with month. That’s numerous ability eyes to your emblem. Combine that with the truth that most consumers begin their product seek on Amazon, and you can see why visibility on Amazon can force visitors to your emblem website.

In addition to visibility, a product listing on Amazon might also lend itself to your brand’s credibility. Whether we love it or now not, Amazon is the market for the majority of U.S. Consumers. If a brand isn't always seen on Amazon, it is able to improve purple flags for purchasers. The fact is that the extra marketplaces wherein your logo is visible, the extra credible your brand is probable to appear.

Finally, the principle driving force for clients shopping from a brand website versus Amazon is discounts. Whether it’s a seasonal occasion (like Black Friday) or a welcome discount stated on your emblem’s homepage, customers are probable to take a peek for potential deals. Once on your brand’s website, the consumer may also see a deal too exact to pass up.

Starting Your Amazon Marketing Strategy

Adding your logo and products to Amazon is just the first step. If you need to look achievement, you have to additionally put into effect Amazon advertising strategies. Here are some pointers for e-commerce web page proprietors who are new to Amazon’s selling panorama.

Incorporate Amazon into Your Omnichannel Marketing Efforts

If you don’t have already got an omnichannel advertising method in place, then I propose you get one as quickly as viable. 

If you do, then you definately ought to bear in mind including your Amazon listings on your campaigns.

By leveraging your presence elsewhere, along with on search engines like google and yahoo and social media, you may force visitors returned to your Amazon product listings using purchaser focused on. It allows in case you think of it as capturing extra traffic (i.E., Amazon-unswerving customers) in preference to taking customers away from your internet site.

Optimize for Amazon search engine marketing

As a great deal as Amazon is a market, it’s additionally a seek engine. This manner you can optimize your listings with key phrases and other on-web page factors to improve your scores on outcomes pages.

What does Amazon search engine optimization look like?

Perform key-word studies.

Optimize product titles. 

Enhance product pix and films.

Optimize product descriptions and bullet factors. 

Implement backend search phrases.

Beyond showing on Amazon consequences pages, Amazon SEO can also ensure you rank extra favorably on Google and other search engines like google and yahoo. 

Implement Sponsored Display Ads

When you’re just starting on Amazon, you will be hesitant to spend cash. However, campaigns via Amazon Ads—and extra in particular, Sponsored Display Ads—can bring about much less marketing spend than advertising and marketing on alternative structures like Google.

Sponsored Display Ads are visual commercials on Amazon that appear on the homepage or product description pages:

There are two top notch matters approximately Sponsored Display Ads. First, they're value-consistent with-click (CPC), so that you best pay for the clicks that your ads obtain. Second, you may personalize audiences and create relatively targeted remarketing campaigns. This will get you the maximum for your cash.

Leverage Customer Data

townkart.xyzp style="text-align: justify;">Did you ever surprise what styles of information Amazon dealers have get admission to to? For a third-birthday celebration website, they provide plenty of insights.

While all dealers have access to simple records points, through enrolling in Brand Registry you get get entry to to heaps of analytics: 

Search Catalog Performance

Search Query Performance 

Search Query Details 

Repeat Purchase Behavior 


Top Search Terms 

Market Basket Analysis 

Customer Loyalty Analytics

You can leverage this data to improve your retargeting campaigns, in addition to recognize and triage patron pain factors and roadblocks.


Can promoting on Amazon supplement my e-commerce website?

Selling on Amazon means you growth 1/3-birthday celebration revenue whilst also using greater site visitors in your personal website. As such, promoting on Amazon can be a tremendous supplement on your e-commerce internet site.

What are the advantages of promoting on Amazon for my business?

The finest blessings of selling on Amazon for your business are increased revenue (each for your website and ordinary), progressed logo visibility, and stepped forward logo credibility.

How does promoting on Amazon impact my emblem visibility and reputation?

Amazon is a primary participant in the e-trade recreation. As such, having your logo related to their market can mean greater visibility and advanced recognition as an genuine and credible logo.

How does Amazon match into my normal multichannel advertising approach?

You can upload Amazon product listings on your omnichannel marketing efforts on search engines, social media, and some other place. You can also put it on the market using Amazon Ads, in order to growth logo popularity and force sales both on and off web site.


Leveraging Amazon, whether as an Amazon dealer or supplier, can be a net advantage on your e-commerce commercial enterprise. With Amazon’s giant purchaser base, you can growth logo visibility and seize new audiences.  You do need to put some thought into your Amazon advertising approach, even though, if you wish to look the greatest payoff. That consists of incorporating Amazon into your omnichannel marketing efforts, optimizing for search engine optimization, and utilizing paid advert campaigns.

Data Storytelling: Combining Science and Art

 This article was written via Jenny Haskins, search engine optimization Strategist at NP DIgital

You don’t always need phrases to inform a tale – in fact, on occasion numbers paintings just as well. But how can you successfully create a beginning, middle, and give up with numbers? And of direction, with the aid of “numbers” I sincerely mean “records,” due to the fact we are digital marketers after all.

Data storytelling is an intrinsic a part of numerous advertising and marketing offerings, specifically if you work in an agency putting. If this stability of art and technology is finished well, you’ll have interaction stakeholders in verbal exchange, preserve your target market’s attention, and maybe even maintain them on the edge of their seats. 

Key Takeaways

Data storytelling engages, clarifies, persuades, contextualizes, complements memorability, and humanizes data, leading to higher information and decision-making.

Over ninety% of the mind contains visible content.

There are 4 non-linear steps for powerful information storytelling: collection, evaluation, visualization, and narrative improvement.

Data storytelling, when completed well, could make complex figures reachable to a ramification of audiences.

Embrace flexibility in the storytelling method, so that you can cause greater compelling and well-rounded narratives.

What is Data Storytelling?

Data storytelling combines visuals with compelling narrative. It’s the exercise of accumulating, analyzing, visualizing, and conveying statistics in an attractive and persuasive manner. The aim is to force choice-making and encourage movement based on insights; made simpler by means of a memorable, relatable narrative.

Image Source: domo.Com

Why is it Important?

Instead of asking why statistics storytelling is crucial, ask yourself: What’s the factor of a good story? To entertain and/or convey a message, you might solution. The identical is going for records storytelling.

Or, believe a long-expected film become just launched. How do you need to walk faraway from the theater? Excited, giddy, idea-provoked, stimulated. The equal is going for records storytelling.

Our customers are just like us: human. Rather than watching a stakeholder’s eyes glaze over for the duration of your presentation, attempt to wow them with the numbers you worked so hard to put together. As people, our brains are interested in memories for numerous mental reasons. There are survival and sociological components like know-how sharing, dating building, or even the release of oxytocin in the brain that result in deeper connection, emotional resonance, and statistics retention.

And the numbers don’t lie: A major financial institution created a credit score card that focused Millennials with the aid of evoking emotion with storytelling. Use by means of this age institution grew by using 70% and new bills improved by way of forty%.

Furthermore, it’s critical to notice that extra than 90% of our mind is made up of visual content material. Therefore, growing a tale behind facts visualization helps maintain it inside the mind (memorization).

TL;DR: Data storytelling is crucial actually as it allows with clarity and knowledge, engagement in the course of your presentation, decision-making, memorability, and alignment.

The Science of Data Storytelling

Any professional with a process rooted in numbers knows the importance of accuracy, transparency, and accountability. As an search engine optimization, this holds genuine. I constantly accumulate and test crucial records (overall performance for traffic, leads, key phrases rating) two times before even thinking about crafting a story.

Science (the numbers/data) drives the primary  steps of statistics storytelling:


This is the initial segment where relevant statistics is gathered from various assets. My move-to facts assets are (of course) Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, amongst others – in the main looking at organic traffic, keywords ranking, conversions, SERPs, and extra.


Once the statistics is amassed, it wishes to be analyzed to become aware of traits, patterns, and insights. This regularly includes using statistical strategies and statistics visualization gear to make sense of the information. For example, to better recognize metrics pulled from Google Analytics, I’ll create a Looker Studio dashboard, which creates automatic visuals to your precedence KPIs at some point of a particular time-frame.

With technology, the whole lot desires to be exact. However, while mixing artwork with something, “precise” isn’t precisely totally feasible. Once statistics is gathered and analyzed, it’s time to get creative.

The Art of Data Storytelling

At this point, we’ve the function of storytelling in human communique and its power in conveying complex facts. With information storytelling, that is where the art of it comes in. There’s creativity, flexibility, and private touch worried in crafting a tale and its five factors (man or woman, putting, plot, warfare, and resolution). But how can we merge the art in the back of the ones factors with the science in the back of our statistics?

We flow to the final two steps in data storytelling:


Data visualization performs a crucial position in statistics storytelling. Charts, graphs, screenshots, and other visible aids are used to illustrate key factors and make the facts extra reachable and comprehensible to the audience.

Narrative Development

This is in which the magic occurs. Instead of genuinely imparting uncooked statistics, the insights gleaned from the evaluation are crafted into a narrative. This narrative must have a clear structure with a beginning, center, and quit, and must aim to speak a particular message or concept.

Completing this last step allows us apprehend our story factors.

An example primarily based on my role: The character is the patron’s enterprise, setting is their website, plot is overall performance, war is areas of opportunity (content material updates, technical fixes, quick wins), and resolution is how we navigate those areas of possibility. See the subsequent case take a look at to similarly this case – it demonstrates how NP Digital performed numerous performance increases for an search engine marketing campaign through facts, visualization, and narrative.

Image Source: NP Digital

The art of data storytelling additionally approach no longer usually following those four steps to a tee. Remember to embody flexibility – comply with loose ends, solution your personal questions, and discover each alternative. This no longer most effective allows you better apprehend your information, it:

Creates a extra-compelling, well-rounded story

Makes you more confident and personable

Promotes interest within your self

Keeps shows fresh with new statistics

Embracing flexibility will even hold you jumping between steps. Researching one piece of statistics and locate something else that simply is probably applicable to your tale? Back to step one. Think that your factor can be driven domestic by using searching into one more issue? Back to step one. Find something that throws a wrench on your complete tale? Go to step four.

The intersection of science and artwork, good judgment and creativity, facts and storytelling is complimentary; every of those one-of-a-kind factors feeds into the opposite.

Examples of Data Storytelling

Examples of information storytelling are more distinguished to your day-to-day life than you could recognize.

Image Source: Spotify Newsroom

Remember how loopy each person goes at year’s stop for Spotify Wrapped? Me too. Why is that? Think about it: Spotify aggregates your listening records at some stage in the year, which is customized to you. Then, thru a familiar social media story format, they entice customers to click on through to the next snippet in their own tune story. Spotify also uses placing visuals/photos to assist users digest the information, and sound for an immersive enjoy. Lastly, they set off customers to sell their very own records on social media (loose marketing).

It’s amazing. Spotify’s sales grew by using 322% when you consider that Wrapped’s release in 2016 (Q4 ‘16 vs. Q4 ‘23), with the most important increase happening that year of its launch. 

The Future of Data Storytelling

There’s absolute confidence that records storytelling will handiest turn out to be more ordinary as time goes on. Data is at our fingertips with tech like smartphones, clever watches, social media, fitness trackers, step counters, display screen time notifications, customized track metrics, and much extra – even non-marketers are analyzing testimonies through information every day.

Image Source: MacStories

Data storytelling affords an thrilling frontier wherein era, creativity, and records converge to revolutionize how we speak insights and make decisions.

Data storytelling in reality isn’t going anywhere each time soon, so positioned your innovative hats on and let’s travel the winding avenue of information collectively.

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